Refunds and Cancellations


3.1 REFUND POLICY. You must send an email to customer service at before arrangements can be made for a refund. Shipping and handling fees are not refundable. You can return your product in its unopened packaging within 30 days for a full refund. Your account will be credited within 14-30 days of receiving your product. We will credit the same card used to purchase the product. If you do not see a refund within this period, please contact customer service. You can also cancel by email to Customer Service at The address to return the products to is 11551 E 45th Ave Unit C, Denver, CO 80239.

3.2 Persons with a health problem, who are pregnant or who have reason to believe that they may become pregnant within the next 60 days should not order this product. Requests for refunds will not be accepted and no refunds will be granted for these reasons. You should consult a doctor before placing an order if you are not sure you can take this product.

3.4 For returns, please contact to find out the address of your return.



4.1 You agree to indemnify for any financial prejudice or loss caused by your claims for costs that are not in accordance with this section. You will be liable for the reimbursement of expenses and losses incurred as a result of your failure to comply with the provisions of this Agreement.

4.2 The Credit Card Billing Customer expressly agrees that if the Customer pays by credit card, cheque or demand debit, the Customer shall comply with the following statement: "I hereby authorize debit/credit entries on my bank deposit account or credit card."

5.1 Although we do our utmost to ensure that the items appearing on the Site are available, we cannot guarantee that all items are in stock or immediately available when you place your order. We may reject your order (without liability) if we are unable to process or fulfill it. If this is the case, we will refund any previous payments you made for this item.

5.2 An order submitted by You to us constitutes an offer to purchase the Subscription to these Conditions and is subject to Our subsequent acceptance.

5.3 Prior to this acceptance, an automatic acknowledgement of receipt of your order by e-mail may be generated. Please note that such automatic acknowledgement of receipt does not constitute a formal acceptance of your order.

5.4 Our acceptance of Your order takes effect and the contract is concluded at the time such an offer is expressly accepted by Us by sending Your order and accepting Your credit card or other payment ("Acceptance").

5.5 We reserve the right to retain orders received, acknowledgements of receipt, acceptances and other contractual documents for a reasonable period of time after acceptance. We are able to provide you with copies upon written request; however, you must ensure that you print a copy of all these documents and these terms and conditions for your own records.



6.1 You declare that the information you have provided when placing your order is up to date, materially accurate and sufficient for us to be able to fulfill your order. You are responsible for promptly storing and updating your account information with Us to ensure its accuracy and completeness and for keeping such information (and any passwords you have been given to access the Site and/or purchase Products) secure against unauthorized access. Unless otherwise agreed or required by applicable law, any warranty provided in connection with your purchase applies only to you, provided that you are a user and not a reseller of the product.

6.2 No warranty, undertaking or other obligation shall be assumed by you on our behalf or on behalf of a manufacturer, licensee or supplier of products without our prior written consent.